Protecting the People of Niagara County

"We have a tremendous obligation to the towns and three cities of Niagara County. It's time to work together both here and abroad.

I have dedicated my career to helping the community, and I believe my record of service would bring strong, hard-working values to this office. 

I have been a volunteer fireman for more than 20 years, serving both the Wrights Corners and Wendelville fire disctricts. I was elected to Captain and Lieutenant respectively within said service.

I have also been a successful businessman for the last 25 years, owning and operating a small contracting company in the private sector. I will bring this business experience to the Office of the Sheriff. 

I am able to keep my finger on the pulse of the department and in the community. I'm in this for the long haul."

"I've been there for the good. I've been there for the bad. I'll be there for the years ahead."

Brian D. Grear is a police officer in the town of Lewiston and candidate to become the next Sheriff of Niagara County. He has a long resume protecting the people of Niagara County, including serving as Deputy Sheriff for 22 years.

Brian was born and raised in Niagara County. He has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice from Niagara County Community College and completed his law enforcement traning in 1991 at the Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy. 

He resides in Cambria with his loving wife, Theresa and their four daughters.



Brian has received numerous honors and citations over the years, including an award from the United States Secret Service; but he views being a devoted husband to his wife and loving father to his four daughters as his greatest accomplishment.




A Sheriff of the people

Whether he's patrolling the streets, serving as a volunteer firefighter or out managing his small business, being among the people is a daily occurrence for Brian. Working so closely with the county's citizens over the last three decades has allowed him to look at matters from a different viewpoint than those who currently operate from behind a desk. He believes it's time for a change in leadership, and the only way that can come about is with a change in attitude and perspective.